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Invasive plant control is crucial British Columbia to preserve one of our most important resources, the grasslands. It keeps natural areas looking pristine, and it helps to protect habitat for species at risk and important cultural plants. We have a variety of invasive plant control services we can provide to residential,  industrial and ranching communities.


In the residential sector we make sure that your lawn looks green and healthy with no unwanted weeds using a technique called weed and feed where fertilizer is used to suppress weeds.


In the commercial and industrial sectors, we keep your yard,  fences and buildings clear of unsightly vegetation, using regular applications. This keeps your business looking well maintained and removes fire hazards.

Keeping weeds out of rangeland is necessary to maintain livestock forage in the ranching industry. Noxious weeds can outcompete grasslands quickly and an annual control program will keep them from becoming a major issue.

We are a certified applicator with the Thompson Nicola Regional District, we offer the 50% cost share program rebate for eligible landowners.



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