Invasive plant control is important in British Columbia, it helps to keep one of our most valuable resources, the grasslands, clean and healthy. It also helps in keeping our highways nice and gorgeous.

We have a variety of invasive plant control services we can provide to the residential, commercial, industrial and ranching communities.

In the residential sector we make sure that your lawn looks green and healthy with no unwanted weeds.

We can offer a program that is called weed and feed where the fertilizer helps to suppress the weeds.


In the commercial and industrial sector, we keep your  yard, around your fences and your buildings weed free, usually this application has to be done once a month. It offers a nice clean view of your company’s site and it also helps with fire hazard on the outside of the property.

In the ranching industries we can help the rancher with the unwanted weeds on their property.

Weeds can take over your grasslands very fast and it is important to control them annually.

We are a certified applicator with the Thompson Nicola Regional District, we offer the 50% cost share program rebate.